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Industrial Gear Pumps

Callisto gear pumps are well suited for the transfer of viscous and semi viscous fluid for the following industries
& applicaƟons:
» Hydrocarbon transfer, Loading, Unloading & metering such as Fuel oils, Gas Oils & Diesel fuels & Bio diesels
» Small scale hot oil circulation system
» Dye, Paint & Pigment production & Transfer
» Tar, Bitumen & Aspault production and transfer
» Resin and polymer transfer
» Adhesives and filters
» Viscous and semi viscous lubricaƟng fluid producƟon and transfer
Thanks to our broad and extensive experience as well as hi-tech R&D facilities, we are able to produce bespoke
systems and pumps to specifically match cutomer requirements in a range of materials and sizes.
Gear pumps are classified as rotary positive displacement pumps and are characterised by the following features
and benifits:
» Accurate and pulseless flow at high differential pressure
» Ability to pumps fluids too viscous for centrifugal pumps
» High differential pressure than centrifugal pumps
» High mechanical efficiency across different pressures and varying flow
» Efficient suction lift applications
» Ability to operate at different points on their curves as flow is proportional to rotational speed and pressure is
dependent on the installed motor power.
» Bi-directional pumping action.
» Suitable for safe area & ATEX rated/ Hazadous application


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