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Callisto pumps is based in Singapore. The company specializes in manufacturing and distribution of high grade pumps to various industries globally. Our pump are designed according to ANSI B73.1 standards and used in various industries like oil & gas refining industrial process, Mining, construction, semiconductor, food and beverage and pharma.

Reverse Vane Impeller


Front Vane Impeller


Low Flow Impeller

Low flow


The advanced design and precision manufacturing of the rugged, heavy duty service pump significantly enhance bearing and seal life. Our team is committed to helping users maximize mean time between planned maintenance. Some features of the callisto pump CLX series resulted from the suggestions of working engineers in the field, and were combined with other derived from the broad experience of our team. Thus practucal features, backed by the large experience in pump manufacturing, assure you of excellent pump performance and full satisfaction.

Material Specifications


Equivalent wrought designation

ASTM specification

Ductile iron



Carbon steel

Carbon steel

A216 Gr WCB
A744 Gr. CF8M
Durimet 20
Alloy 20
A744 Gr. CN7M
Inconel 600
A494 Gr. CY40
Monel 400
A494 Gr. M35-1
Nickel 200
A494 Gr. CZ100
Hastelloy C-276
A494 Gr. CW6M
B367 Gr. C-3

Consult with our engineers and specialists reagarding materials that are best suited for your application and use.

Industries We serve

Water Treatment

Oil & Gas

Power generation


Food & Beverage


Mining & mineral process

Paper & pulp

General Performance Curves

4 Pole

2 Pole


The impeller is of the reverse vane, end suction type, casted in one piece of cast steel or other specified material. Running clearances need to only be adjusted between the back of the impeller and the cover. This design allows for repeatable factory tolerances, all of which can be adjusted on the bench, not just in the field. All impellers are statically balanced prior to assembly. Front semi open impellers can be supplied upon request. Running clearances for the frot semi open impeller need to be adjusted between the front of the impeller and the casing. All models meets the stringent performance requirements of ASME B73.1. Our industrial group also manufactures 3 Low-flow models, 3 self priming models and 2 vortex type models on CLX series to meet different process applications.

Reverse vane impeller with balance holes offers important performance enhancing maintenance reducing advantages.

Front vane, semi open impeller is fully interchangeable with the reverse vane impeller. Excellent choice for stringy and certain applications requiring high shear
against the casing.

Front vane, low flow semi open impeller for operation at low flow with minimal thrust loads and vibrations.


The reverse vane impeller has only one set of pumping vanes and one critical tolerance location – between the impeller and rear cover to establish:

  • Performance
  • Efficiencies
  • Seal chamber pressure (ie mechanical seal MTBMP)
  • Thrust / Axial loads (ie Bearing life)


The front vane open style impeller has two sets of pumping vanes and two critical tolerance locations:

  • The front vane of the impeller clearance to the casing establishes: Performance. efficiencies.
  • The impeller pump out vanes clearance to the rear cover establishes:
  • Seal chamber pressure and seal life
  • Thrust loads and bearing life


The shaft is of high strength steel or other specified material, ground to accurate dimensions. It is designed for extra stiffness to avoid all critical speeds in operation. Callisto leads the industry in low L3/L4 ratio’s minimizing shaft deflection at the stuffing box. All callisto pump models guarantee less than 0.002” shaft deflection at the seal face location, while in operation. As an option, the shaft can be protected by a shaft sleeve of ample thickness to ensure long life. The shaft sleeve can be supplied in various materials.

Shaft Details

Callisto pump shaft are designed to improve reliability.


The cover for callisto pump model is available in four (4) different configurations depending on the jobsite requirement. Callisto pump models features the flow modified (FM) seal chamber that keeps solid matter from collecting in the seal chamber causing premature seal failure. The FM bores are available in a small bore (FMS), and large bore (FML), all designed to meet the process requirements of the seal industry. Callisto models can also be supplied in a standard cylindrical bore (CB) arrangement. The CB bore are available in a small bore (CBS) and large bore (CBL) both designed to meet the process requirements of the seal industry. Seal chambers have provisions for various flush plan arrangements customizing the seal chamber to meet the requirements of end user. If it is required, packing with a lantern can also be supplied. A wide variety of components and cartridge mechanical seal can be used with callisto pump standard components.

Cover Types


Cylindrical bore design for packing arrangements and conventional seals with small gland bolt and gaskets circles.

  • Dual internal component seals. Isolates the seal chamber from the process. Allows less expensive seal materials. Recommended in tough slurry applications. Allows for thermal convection type flush plans; however pumping ring devices are recommended.
    Note: External flush plans 52, 53, 54
  • Single internal component or cartridge seals when applied with a throat bushing. Usually selected to increase stuffing box pressure above the vapour pressure to avoid cavitation etc
  • Usually preferred over the CBL when jacketing is selected for increased effectiveness in cooling. Note: Applied with plan-11 etc


Oversized, cylindrical step bore desing for seals with large gland bolt and gasket circles.

  • Dual internal component seals. Isolates the seal chamber from the process. Alloes less expensive seal materials. Recommended in tough slurry applications.
    Note: Use external flush plan 54. others (Plans 52,53) not recommended without close tolerance pumping mechanism.
  • Single intrnal component or cartridge seals when applied with a throat bushing. Usually selected to increase stuffing box pressure above the vapour pressure to avoid cavitation etc.
    Note: Applied with plan 11 etc.


Oversized, tapered bore with 8 specially shaped and evenly spaced cast-in flow modifiers. Designed for seals with large gland bolts and gasket circles.

  • Single internal cartridge seals
  • Dual internal/ external cartridge seals.
  • Single internal components seals with flexibly mounted seats.
  • Dual internal “true” tandem cartridge seals.

Note: Bypass flush to internal seal normally not required. Barrier fluid or external flush may apply to dual seals (Plan 52,53 etc)


Same chamber design as FML but accommodates seal with small gland bolt and gasket circles.

Same seal and flush plan recommendations as for FML. Single seals with all types of seat mounting configurations can be installed. FMS design is provided for the convenience of customers with seal standards that include small glands.

Power End

  • The power end is constructed of cast iron and provides support for the inboard and outboard bearings.
  • The outboard bearing is of the double row, angular contact type and the inboard bearing is of the single row, deep groove type for excellent axial and radial load support.
  • For axial adjustment of the impeller, the power frame employs a micro meter adjustment which allows the user to dial back factory tolerance between the impeller and seal chamber.
  • The readjustment of tolerance can be done on the bench, compensating for proper seal setting and eliminating the need to have the casing near for final adjustment.
  • Double lip seal ensures that contaminants are kept out of the power frame.
  • Upgraded bearing isolator can be supplied upon request.
  • The power end has an oversized, integral oil sump that provides oil for lubrication to each bearings.
  • A large one inch oil level eye is provided standard on the power frame to visually indicate the oil level.
  • The bearings and shaft are so designed to last upto 61% longer than the competition.
  • With shaft deflection indicates surpassing nearly all of the competition, 43-252% greater stiffness is achived resulting in longer mean time between planned maintenance (MTBPM)
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