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By-Bass / Pressure Relief Valve

By-Bass / Pressure Relief Valve Operation:

The intended purpose of a By- Pass or Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) is to ensure that the pump and drive unit are protected from unnecessary damage that may be incurred during over- pressurisation which is mainly caused by closed valve operation or blockages in the discharge line. By- Passes can be either installed on the pipework and route fluid back to the suction of the pump or tank, in the form of a By- Pass Circuit, or indeed installed directly on the pump head, as detailed below. The By- Pass, when opened, relieves excess fluid and pressure from the discharge section of the pump to the suction side and effectively allow the pump to recirculate within itself until the blockage in the line has been cleared or closed valve opened to allow the process medium to carry on through the system and drop the pressure in the line to an acceptable level for the installed equipment.

As By- Passes are spring- loaded and adjustable, they can be tweaked in situ to cater for changing system or pump requirements.


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